Thursday, April 12, 2012

JuJu2Cast AudioCast#5: 4/1/2012

Welcome to the 5th Amazing edition of the HD quality that is JuJu2Cast AudioCast As a solo run again NO FIGURE I Mr. Mike has lots to chatter about today. The rundown from the World’s smallest puppy dog, to Canada losing the maple leaf 1 cent coin, to Foxconn trouble, then some Mega Millions Gripes, to the poor Raspberry PI Red Tape issues, then some Xbox Slimmer News?, to end up with some Gamer/Tech AudioCast Future Rundown sneak peak. This is a News & tech oriented type of show today with a bit of rambling from me in the middle. So like always Load, Listen, ENJOY!!  

RunTime: 1:27:17
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320Kbps (HD)

Right Click, select Save Link As: To Download & play in your favorite Media Player.

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